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Got PMF? 

Introducing the Unlock Product-Market Fit Diagnostic (full page)


While product-market fit is necessary to build a sustainable business, there is currently no standard definition. To quote Eric Ries, “Product-market fit is a fuzzy concept, but you know it when you see it”. Today, the most used proxies for PMF are customer satisfaction measures like Net Promoter Score. But these tell only part of the story. For example, it’s possible to have a high NPS while spending too heavily on marketing, or charging too little for your product – both of which are unsustainable.


Meanwhile, there's a strong organizational component to attaining PMF; success is highly dependent on a team’s systems, process and culture.  


These subtleties often lead clients to wonder where they are on the PMF journey and whether their organization is equipped for it.   

We therefore designed a simple, yet sophistocated tool to measure two key variables: 

  1. Where is your product located on the PMF journey?  

  2. Is your team capable of achieving and maintaining product-market fit? 

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.”
- Ash Maurya

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