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Founder Advisory 

Startup founders wear many hats, from marketing and product to finance and operations.  Inexperience in any of these areas can result in failure.  An experienced guide, on the other hand, provides an edge. 

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Paul has advised dozens of founders over the years. Drawing from his personal journey as the founder of six companies, including two successful exits, Paul has crafted an advisory program designed to help founders learn from his triumphs and setbacks.

Focus areas include:


  • Product design

  • Product strategy

  • Product management

  • User research

  • MVP design and testing


  • Go to market

  • Marketing funnel

  • Channel mix

  • Messaging 

  • Market & customer research


  • Pitch deck

  • Fundraising methodolgy

  • Financial modeling

  • Investor targeting 


  • Finance 

  • Recruiting 

  • Compensation

  • Legal 


  • Single Founder: $5,000 per month 

  • Founding team: $7,500 per month

  • Includes two weekly one-hour calls and (nearly) unlimited messaging

“A great market pulls the product out of the team.”
- Marc Andreessen

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